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Bolsas | Ensino Superior - Portugal

Blogue desenvolvido e coordenado, a titulo voluntário e gratuito, por um Técnico Superior de Ação Social Escolar.

Bolsas | Ensino Superior - Portugal

Blogue desenvolvido e coordenado, a titulo voluntário e gratuito, por um Técnico Superior de Ação Social Escolar.

BOLSAS DE INVESTIGAÇÃO (PhD): BioSys - Biological Systems

Informamos que se encontram abertas candidaturas para Bolsas de Investigação/Doutoramento (PhD). Durante o primeiro ano os investigadores serão inseridos no Programa BioSys-Biological Systems.

Os 4 anos de investigação estarão integrados na estratégia de desenvolvimento e financiamento da INOVCF.



Bolsa de Investigação doutoramento PhD saúde health care universidade university newcastle cystic fibrosis  Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa



Para mais informações contactar:

Dr. Mike Gray:


Dr.ª Julia Reichelt:



International Students

Many of our postgraduates are from overseas, and we welcome applications from international students for PhD projects in the following areas:

If you are a non-native English speaker you will be required to provide evidence of your ability in English, but the University can offer language training if necessary. For further information please contact our postgraduate secretary.

Our international postgraduate applications are treated the same as our UK and EU ones - please find out more about how to apply.

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  • Visit the University's International website to learn more about life at Newcastle




The Institute houses approximately:

  • 50 independent academics
  • their research groups (postdoctoral scientists, Ph.D students and technicians)
  • support teams

To recognise and encourage research excellence across Institute and Faculty boundaries, several research centres have been established by the University and include many ICaMB members. We are also proud to promote our team of exceptional postdoctoral scientists and their research.

Research Themes

Our research is divided into the following four overarching groups:

Content in this section:




Postgraduate Study

We have approximately 90 postgraduate students who are registered for research based postgraduate degree programmes in ICaMB. The majority of our studentship programmes are 4 years and include an MRes in year 1 and PhD studies in years 2-4.

ICaMB staff are successful in obtaining studentships from diverse sources, such as UK Research Councils (BBSRC DTP, MRC, and EPSRC), Industrial CASE awards, charities and government initiatives.  Each year we offer about 20 studentships to well qualified graduates.

ICaMB has a Postgraduate Tutor and a Postgraduate Student Committee. You are provided with the training and funds to present your work both within ICaMB and at scientific meetings.

You also receive support and training from the Faculty of Medical Sciences Graduate School, and have access to excellent research facilities within the Institute and in the wider University community.

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As a postgraduate research students from ICaMB you are 'highly marketable'. Employers from both the UK and overseas are eager to employ our students and research staff, and we are regularly contacted to recommend suitable individuals.

Examples of first career destinations of ICaMB Postgraduate students include prestigious national and international research institutions and industry, the NHS, the Home Office and medical charity.


  • Universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, London (King’s, UCL, St George’s), Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, Surrey
  • Angel Biotechnology, Edinburgh
  • AstraZeneca, Alderley Park
  • Avecia Biotechnology (now Fuji Film), Billingham
  • Binding Site, Birmingham
  • Cobra Biomanufacturing, Keele
  • GlaxoSmithKline, Uxbridge
  • Marakon Management Consultants, London


  • CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular del Cancer, Universidad del Salamanca, Spain
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Ma’an University, Jordan
  • NIH, Bethesda, USA
  • Scientific Publishing, Illinois, USA
  • University of Kansas, USA
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
  • University of Otago, New Zealand
  • University of Ottawa, Canada
  • UCB-Celltech, Belgium
  • Catenion Management Consultants, Berlin, Germany


  • Clinical Biochemist, London (KCH) and Leeds
  • Home office – Forensic Science Laboratory, Wetherby
  • Medical charity – The Wellcome Trust, London


ICaMB Studentships

The following MRes/PhD Studentships are available in ICaMB to start September 2014.

To apply you must complete the University online application form. Details can be found at the following link: How to apply.

Title of Studentship: Understanding microtubule dependent signalling in the generation of cellular asymmetries -Ref CB106
Funding Source: BBSRC DTP
SupervisorDr Josana Rodriguez and Dr Elizabeth Veal 
Further Details

Title of Studentship: Understanding how hydrogen peroxide signals control cell growth, survival and ageing - Ref CB105
Funding Source: BBSRC DTP
SupervisorDr Elizabeth Veal
Further Details

Title of Studentship: Development of Physiologically Relevant Models of Normal and Cystic Fibrosis Airway Cells using Gene Editing Human Embryonic Stem Cells - Ref CB111
Funding Source: Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Supervisor: Dr Mike Gray and Dr Julia Reichelt
Further Details



Studentships Filled

Title: The role of intracellular calcium in cigarette smoke-induced CFTR internalization Ref CB098
Supervisor: Dr Mike Gray (ICaMB) & Dr Rob Tarran (University of North Carolina)

Title of Studentship: What are the protective roles of XIAP in the response to oxidative stress? - Ref CB107
Supervisor: Dr Niall Kenneth and Prof Neil Perkins

Title of Studentship: Uncovering the molecular basis of homologous chromosome synapsis by the synaptonemal complex during mammalian meiosis - Ref CB099
Supervisor: Dr Owen Davies

Title of Studentship: Understanding how the mucosal layer is a microbial niche within the gut microbiota - Ref CB101
Supervisor: Dr Dave Bolam

Title of Studentship: Bacterial immunity and multi-drug resistance - Ref CB102
Supervisor: Porf Nikolay Zenkin

Title of Studentship: Determining the roles of novel endoribonucleases in eukaryotic gene expression - Ref CB110
Supervisor: Dr Claudia Schneider

Title of Studentship: The role of histone modifications in mitosis - Ref CB109
 Prof Jonathan Higgins

Title of Studentship: Cyanobacterial transcription machinery - Ref CB103
Supervisor: Dr Yulia Yuzenkova

Title of Studentship: How does the regulation of ubiquitin/ubiquitin-like pathways determine cellular responses to reactive oxygen species? - Ref CB108
Supervisor: Prof Brian Morgan

Title of Studentship: Dissecting the role of the Dectin-1 Receptor in the Innate Defences of the Uro-genital Tract - Ref CB104
Supervisor:Dr Judith Hall